Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Summertime Across The Sea: Capturing the Capparelli’s

One of the biggest and best surprises of the trip across the pond was getting to meet up with my friend, Nick and his two adorable kiddos, Ava and Cohl. We met up and… Continue reading

Summertime Across The Sea: Relaxing with the Rickard/Glacken’s

The next group of great friends that we were able to see on our journey across the water, were the Rickard/Glacken’s.  My old friends Suzy-Beth (Beth, E.Beth, or Elizabeth to the rest of… Continue reading

Summertime Across The Sea: Spending time with the Jones’

In this mini-series of blog posts, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite people. We spent the summer in the US and had an amazing time while we were there.… Continue reading

It’s Been A Wonderful Summer!

We’ve returned from a great summer in the US, visiting family and friends and having a great time to boot. While away, I was both fortunate and unfortunate that my PC contracted a… Continue reading