My Foto Thon snaps.

I’ve had a few people ask me where my shots are from Foto Thon, the photo contest that Carter and I took part in on the 11th.  Now that all of our photos… Continue reading

A Proud Day as a Momtographer.

Last Saturday, my 9-year-old son, Carter and I attended a photography competition called Fotothon held in Brighton, England.  We had an amazing day and I was so happy to see my little man,… Continue reading

Foto Thon Brighton 2011 Sneak Peak

My little man Carter and I headed to the train station at 6 AM yesterday, on our way to Foto Thon in Brighton.  What better excuse for a 3 hour train ride and… Continue reading

Hello world!! Welcome to my little corner of the webernet.

Hello World!! Welcome to a new chapter in my life as a photographer.  I’m glad you’re here. Through this blog I look forward to sharing my work, making new friends, meeting people in… Continue reading